Below you'll find information on some of the ongoing opportunities for fellowship, conversation and spiritual growth around FLC. Occasional and community events will be posted on the home page of this website.

Sing in worship, play an instrument, learn music

The FLC Choir supports the congregation in song and enriches worship with a diverse offering of sacred choral music.  They rehearse Thursdays from 7-8pm during the school year.  We can accommodate those who are only able to commit for a limited time.

On certain Sundays you can sing with the Pickup Choir: just show up at 9:20am, no extra rehearsals necessary.  

Solos and duets are also a possibility - we love to encourage community music.  Play an instrument?  We've had flutists, accoustic Old-Time and Celtic music, violinists, cellists, percussionists (and the list goes on ...).

Sunday 9am Conversation: in person and online

We open the book of First John and take turns reading it out loud from beginning to end. We call it “slow read” because we pause to ask questions, share insights, and seek clarity about the meaning and how it’s relevant to us. A facilitator provides a little background and keeps us going. If you’re new to bible reading, this is a perfect starting point.

The book of First John is about 10 pages long. Its most famous claim is that “God is love.” Topics include: what does it mean to be a part of the church? What do we believe about Jesus? What is the walk we are to walk?

The Conversation: Sunday morning greetings and open-ended conversations about faith and life.  In the library, where we have a very nice hybrid setup – so join us in person or on zoom (use the red Sunday worship link, found on the homepage).

Wednesdays at 4:30pm: Centering Prayer (zoom)

Get comfortable and enjoy a short time of meditative calm in the middle of our week.  Use the red worship zoom link from the website front page.  Linda Spencer is helping us learn this practice.  Here’s the simple basics:

It’s a nurturing group that holds us as we learn this quiet practice together.

Thursdays at 10am: Bible Study (zoom)

Have you ever read a passage in the Bible and wondered “What is that all about?” If so, you are not alone.

     On Thursday mornings at 10am, we meet on Zoom (use gold meeting link), to read and discuss all three of the biblical readings for the upcoming Sunday. There may be a passage we don’t understand. Or we may have the feeling that we’ve heard a particular passage so many times, there’s no more to be learned. But then we start to talk, offering our interpretations, our experiences, our questions.  The hour flies by and we often end with new insights and a deeper understanding.

      We have a steady attendance of folks with widely varying backgrounds, plus Pastor Kate.  Some people mostly listen, others talk. No preparation or previous knowledge is required, and there are no right or wrong answers, just a respectful exchange of thoughts. We have a strict time limit of one hour for those with other obligations, and the zoom link makes it easy to attend, no matter where you are. All are welcome and we hope you will join us.  Here's a convenient place to see this week's scripture readings.

Monthly Women's Group (zoom)

This group meets on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, 10am-11am.  

Just come and be yourself – no agenda! We gather for fun and fellowship, and occasionally take on some activity to help other people.

Read with us and join a happy hour discussion

The Happy Hour Book Group usually meets at 5pm once a month midweek at a time convenient to participants.  Our meeting place has been the Rose & Crown or on the front patio at church.

We read mostly theology within and around the Christian tradition, and get together to discuss while enjoying our favorite beverages.  Readings tend to be short and in-depth books or essays.

Current book: Low Anthropology by David Zahl.