About Us

The painting shown above, by Marguerite Fletcher, depicts First Lutheran Church of Palo Alto.  We've been here on the corner of Homer and Webster for over 100 years (2020 was our centennial).  Though not all of us would consider ourselves Lutheran, our congregation belongs to the ELCA and Sierra Pacific Synod.  

The gospel draws us to artistic expression and especially music, events that bring all ages together into community, open-ended conversations and service opportunities such as immigrant accompaniment.

FLC Staff Members

Kristin Menon, Office Manager

Kristin is involved with scheduling, publications and communication.

Jung Jin Kim, Music Director

Jung Jin is an award winning organist who also directs the choir and organizes various other musical offerings.

Katherine Marshall, Pastor

Pastor Kate is involved with worship, inter - generational and other areas of ministry. 

Bernt Hillesland, Pastor

Pastor Bernt (pronounced Bear-nt, one syllable) is involved with worship, music, teaching and other areas of ministry.